Rochester Ski Club 

Officers and Board of Directors

For the 2017-2018 Ski Season

  President: Bob Pogel   Board Member: Paul Quirin (Ski Trip Coordinator)  
  Vice President: Bob Bacon   Board Member: Sue Cook (Social Events Coordinator)  
  Secretary: Jean Belaskas   Board Member: Sandra Foley (Meetings)  
  Treasurer: Gary Kloesz   Board Member: Jo Newkirk (Newsletters)  
  Membership: Nancy Oberholzer   Board Member: Bev McElheny (Web)  
  Past President: Terry Shearn        



In 1936 Dr. Roland Stevens, a medical student at the University of Rochester, and an ardent skier, obtained the names of several interested skiers from one of the local sports writers and formed the nucleus of this, the first organized ski club in the Greater Rochester Area.  During the second year the founding members tackled the ambitious project of clearing a slope in the Huntington Hills area - installing a rope tow powered by a Ford engine and lighting the slope with gasoline lanterns.  In subsequent years, the rope tow was abandoned.  To view additional Historical information - click here to link to a page on the Huntington Hill's website.

In the 1970s - the Rochester Ski Club "Murph" pin was created: 
     From Kay Conlon.:

“I am one of the last two Honorary Life Members of the Rochester Ski Club and so thought I should explain the design of the ski club “Murph” pin.  Dick Murphy was a commercial artist in Rochester, a graduate of RIT, long-time member of the National Ski Patrol, and one of the organizers of the deaf ski program that the club conducted for the Rochester School for the Deaf children.  He would arrive at our meetings early and paste-up little cartoons and jokes around the room using his skiing character.  After his untimely death, the club members wanted to remember him and so the adoption of his skier as our symbol.

When the pins were given to new members, we used to also give them a slip of paper which explained the design for the pin.  None of us “oldies” remember the exact wording, but we have written the following paragraph and hope you will consider adding this to the future “pinnings” and for any member who would wish a copy.”            

“Murph,” the design for the RSC member pin, was created by Dick Murphy, a long-time member of the ski club and the National Ski Patrol, and a talented commercial and fine artist.  He presented “Murph” in many comical ski situations, but this design was selected for the pin.  The design was also repeated on small red flags attached to our ski poles to identify members while on ski trips and local slopes.  Though we lost our friend Dick in the 1970’s, it’s nice to know that “Murph” lives on.”



Currently, the Rochester Ski Club has over 300 members.  In addition to running week and day trips, the club hosts a number of social/non-skiing events each year.  Any person 21 years of age and older interested in skiing and adhering to the objectives of the RSC may apply for membership.  Yearly membership begins June 1st.  Membership dues are collected annually ($18 for new members).

RSC Constitution - ByLaws

RSC Constitution - Standing Rules

RSC Constitution - Organization Procedures


Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award (given for long term service, dedication, and achievement):

May, 2014
For the first time, the board of directors decided to formally recognize a member (or members) who have made significant contributions to the Rochester Ski Club.  The first annual Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award was given to Jim and Nancy Peters.  Jim is a past president, Nancy a past treasurer and Ski trip coordinator, and he and Nancy have also run numerous ski trips and have been involved with many social events.  Nancy has also baked countless cookies and other tasty dishes for various club affairs.  Jim continues to be a member of several committees and helps with the Yearly Ski Trips' Booklet, newsletters, etc.  They are undoubtedly deserving of this award. 

From Nancy and Jim Peters:  As Nancy and I sat at the Annual Spring Banquet and listened to outgoing President Terry Shearn describe a new award that was to be given out this year for the first time and then become an annual award, we both were thinking (we learned afterwards as we were discussing it) how will they decide from all of the fantastic contributors of the RSC who would get it. “This award is given in recognition for long term service, dedication and achievement within the Rochester Ski Club” says the beautiful plaque that was handed out. Then the announcement and WOWIE!  It was being presented to Nancy and I.  Somewhat flabbergasted we went up to the podium and graciously accepted it.  What more could we say but THANK YOU!  Thank you to the board for coming up with this great idea.  Thank you again for picking our names from the many that were submitted by the board members.  And, finally Thank you to all of the really great members of the Rochester Ski Club that makes it such a pleasure to participate actively and to be involved in many of the opportunities that the RSC provides.  Thank you to past member Ralph Palmer who convinced us to come to a general meeting some 20 years ago. Thank you to the great people we met including Joy and Larry Seaman who were there that first night and then John Amorese who convinced Nancy to run for Treasurer within a year or two (not knowing that when you get one Peters involved you get them both) and on and on. With such a great group we hope to keep being actively involved for some time to come.  We could use the word “Great” even more but we think you get the idea. Thank you again !!!! 

May, 2015
At this year's Spring Banquet, Sue Barrett was awarded the second annual Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award.  Sue's many contributions to the Rochester Ski Club started before the 1970's, but in the 1970's Sue held the office of secretary and vice president for multiple years.  In 1982 and 1983 Sue was the club president and in more recent years, for many years, she handled newsletter duties.  She wrote almost all of the articles herself, typed, copied, collated, and ensured club members received up to six newsletters per year.  Sue has helped the club to thrive; she's been 'a regular' on most of the ski trips and you can count on her to be at almost all of the social events.  We are very pleased Sue was awarded this honor - and she was genuinely surprised.  Congratulations Sue!  Well deserved.

From Sue Barrett: Thank You RSC

It was such a huge surprise to be named for this year’s Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award.  I am most appreciative of this honor, especially in view of the contributions made by so many of our members.  As one who has been with RSC since the late 1950’s, I have seen the Club go through some thin times, and I am certain how and why we’ve survived for 80 years: the unfailing energy and dedication of so many of our loyal members!

Skiing has been a most happy and significant part of my life.  I wish for many good years on the slopes for all of you.


May, 2016
At this year's Spring Banquet, Bill and Bev McElheny were awarded the third annual Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award.

From Bev and Bill:
    Bill and I want to thank the officers and board members for nominating and selecting us to receive this year's Dr. Roland Stevens Outstanding Achievement Award.  It was a wonderful surprise!  We are very honored, as we know there are many, many others very deserving of this recognition.
   We can still remember our first dinner meeting after joining the club.  Jack and Liz Bacon invited us to join them at their table and introduced us to many of the members.  We also appreciate how encouraging Nancy and Jim Peters were, and after a few years, Bill ran one of the western ski trips and was elected and served a number of years as vice president.  During that time, Jim, Larry Seaman, and Paul Vail encouraged me to develop a web site for the club (learning along the way).  I very much appreciate that you've allowed me to be the club's 'web mistress' since 2004.
   We've enjoyed great ski trips with so many of you, and it's been our pleasure to chair and help with social events, and serve on other committees.  The Rochester Ski Club members are always ready to pitch in and help, and this is just one of the reasons why this is a very special ski club celebrating its 80th anniversary.  It has been terrific to get to know all of you and make so many good friends.  We look forward to more wonderful ski trips and working with you on many fun events.  We have more than a few idols to look up to in this club!  Sincerely, thank you again.

In 2011 we celebrated our -
75th Year Anniversary!

In 2016 we celebrated our - 80th Year Anniversary! 

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