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  2016 Ski Trips


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Trip Leader
Okemo, Vermont January 10-13, 2016 Full - contact Larry to be added to the wait list. Larry Seaman
Sunday River, Maine January 24-29, 2016 Openings Bob Pogel
Steamboat Springs, Colorado February 6-13, 2016

Full - contact Tom to be added to the wait list.

Tom Wild
Attitash & Wildcat, New Hampshire March 6-11, 2016

Close to being full; limited availability for members willing to drive.  Contact Carol before sending in reservation form.

Carol Wolfer


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2015 Trip write-ups

          2015 Trips


 Status / Comments

Killington, Vermont March 1-6, 2015

Sunday, March 1st we departed for Killington, most on the bus and some by car.  All 40 attendees once again experienced a great time, especially since we had plenty of snow on both mountains, Killington and Pico.
  Everyone enjoyed all the well planned events.  There was a welcome party the 1st evening with a drink of choice and next morning a tour of the mountain if desired.  We had 4 days of skiing and great accommodations at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel with ski in ski out … After you crossed the bridge! The 4th day some (10) took the bus over to Pico for a change of pace.  Other activities available were swimming, use of the hot tub or steam room.  We had 2 evenings of delicious dinners at the Santa Fe Steakhouse plus a pizza party in Nancy O.’s room.  Some on their own excursions took trips by the local shuttle to the access road restaurants, shops or downtown Rutland.
  We all participated in friendly conversation as we recalled the excitement of each ski day.  The first two days had fresh powder on some runs as well as groomed trails.  Weather you skied 1 or all 6 of Killington’s peaks (Sunrise 2,456’, Bear 3,295’, Skye 3,800’, Killington 4,241’, Snowdon 3,592’,  Ramshead 3,610’) or Pico Mountain 3,967’, plenty of exciting and challenging skiing was there to enjoy.
  All came home safely, Friday March 6th, except for one person with an injured wrist from a fall.
  We thank our trip chairperson, Carol Wolfer, for a great job. We knew it took a great deal of work and attention to details.  Carol did a fabulous job and we thank all others who helped during the trip. ***Ron Strine***

Carol W.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming February 7-14, 2015 Fantastic ski trip!’ No snags in travel either way (just a short delay in Chicago on our way home). Tom’s luggage was delayed ~12 hrs but delivered to the Lodge that evening. The most dangerous part of the trip was our drive home from the airport!   The Alphenhof Lodge in Teton Village at the mountain base is the perfect location!  Its old world charm and hospitality made it by far the best choice in the village!  The Alpenhof felt like home.  The staff was welcoming and accommodating with fresh baked cookies daily, a 24oz stein for each guest to bring to the Bistro for a $6 beer, yes $6! An authentic Swiss menu, fantastic breakfasts with American and European staples, wonderful hot tub and pool, steam room, boot driers, ski storage room, I’m sure I’m forgetting some awesome details! The Bistro and Alpenrose menus were superb!  Our welcome party upon arrival started the week off with traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue and a mulled red wine called gluehwein.  A midweek dinner and après ski party were both delightful and food was plentiful!  Many of us frequented the Mangy Moose Saloon/Restaurant often and the Jackson Hole Tram was literally a stone’s throw!  A tram ride to the ‘top of the world’ was a must whether you skied down or rode the tram back down to the base.  The view was spectacular and the bluer-than-blue skies and sunshine made it absolutely breathtaking.
  It was unseasonably warm the day we arrived. We weren’t expecting the warm temperatures especially coming from Rochester where the weather had been extremely cold and snowy.  Fortunately it cooled down overnight and the skiing on Sunday was fantastic!  We couldn’t have asked for a better first day!  Blue skies and ~35 degrees. Perfect combination.  Monday, 2nd day, weather predictions were less than stellar but with some light fog and a bit of rain it didn’t look too bad. Many headed out early. By 10am the rain came down heavier and many of our crew were returning soaking wet and exhausted. The mountain was closed but it was only about 10:15am!  Those who ventured out found themselves stuck on the mountain when all the lifts closed due to high winds and very poor visibility -- nightmarish ski conditions!  We were thankful all made it back to the base safely.  Conditions improved by noon and the mountain reopened.  Some took advantage of the day off for a bus trip into the very charming town of Jackson for the afternoon.  The weather got a bit warmer from Tuesday to Friday (25 degrees in the a.m. up to 50+ in the p.m.) and sunnier with each day. The conditions were outstanding if you stayed up high on the mountain with spring conditions as you got closer to the base.  I don’t think I hit an icy patch the entire week!  Carving was a breeze!  Several folks took the pilgrimage to Grand Targhee to discover its wonderful terrain, snow and views of the Tetons. The trip-takers were Bill P., Brooks L., Dan L., and Roger B.  I apologize if I missed someone.
  It was a pleasure sharing this experience and making new friends.  Paul Quirin we missed you!  Big thank you Tom Wild (and Kathy S., too) for all you did to create a very memorable ski trip to wonderful Jackson Hole, WY!
 *** Elise Kloesz ***

A special thanks to all who contributed the comments below:
  ”We want to pay tribute to our fallen warriors, Mark G. and Dave H., who appeared on Tuesday evening with left arms in a sling and then exhibited miraculous healing powers that allowed them to return to the hot tub and to ski without medical aids the rest of the week.” **Bill P.**
  “A special thanks to Tom and Kathy for running the RSC ski trip and for the many memorable Jackson Hole experiences, sweet snow for wonderful skiing on the mountain, stunning scenery, warm sunshine, plenty of laughter with friends, quaint and charming hospitality at the Alpenhof and fine food and refreshing drinks daily.  Whoa!  That drive home from the airport in the blizzard after midnight was indeed gnarly!”  **Marilyn R.**

  “Gemütlichkeit  +  great skiing!  The proverbial German gemütlichkeit is difficult to explain. But you won't go far wrong if you think of good food, good company, a drink or two and plenty of time to enjoy it all!  I love how one word can say so much!” ** Kathy S.**

  “Note to self: Never take your wife up the tram when a cold front is arriving. On Monday morning, everything looked calm at the bottom and the forecast was for weather to move in later, so up we went on the 2nd box. Cindy has never skied out west, so I wanted her to try the top. When we exited the tram, the wind was blowing around 55 mph and visibility near zero. Cindy was scared to death. I was not exactly enjoying it. We made it down without a fall, and once out of the bowl it was almost OK. We went to the Casper restaurant to decompress, and it filled up quickly as all the lifts were shutting down. Quite the morning!  The rest of the week was
great. Who knew we would have spring ski conditions and SUN!  The drive to home was as bad as Rendezvous Bowl.  **Greg and Cindy J.**

  “Fantastic ski trip!  Sunshine and good snow with very few crowds.  Doesn’t get much better.  Hotel was great!  The breakfasts were overwhelming.  Thanks for putting this trip together for us at a reasonable price.  The drive home from the airport was treacherous, but at least we landed in Rochester before   the storm hit, or we could still be in Chicago!”  ** Irene C.**

“Last leg of trip was indeed ‘"not fun"’---but spring skiing for 5 out of 6 days—in early Feb.—made it all worthwhile!”
   ** Bill B.**
  I’m sure we all saw the report on the Grand Teton lenticular cloud on February 12 that even made International news.  ** Bill P.**

Tom W.
Sunday River, Maine January 25-30, 2015

On January 25th, 91 members of the RSC boarded 2 busses from the Onondaga Bus Company to head north to Bethel, Maine, where the Summit Hotel would host the group for 5 days of food, frolic, and most importantly----a wide variety of skiing experiences.
Most skiers at Sunday River can find slopes to suit their preferences; whether groomed corduroy, moguls, just fresh ungroomed snow, or hardpack.  AND, at the end of the day, many RSC members could be found discussing the day's skiing at the outdoor hot tub, or pool.  If that isn't one's, "Cup of tea," some members may opt to share their experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with fellow skiers at the  hotel bar, "Camp."
The good included; Jan R. having a great time on White Heat, Carol B. finally finding her most favorite Lobster Roll at Sunday River’s White Cap Lodge, Gail J. getting a great "mountain tour" with Carolyn S., and Eddie C. loving Wednesday's ungroomed 18 inches of new snowfall that occurred Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. Also included in the good times column were the times the group gathered together.  In the evening, on several nights members would gather, board the busses, and head for one of the restaurants where the club had reservations for dinner.  These gatherings provided several opportunities for the entire group to get together, and get better acquainted.
Unfortunately, some members encountered problems. Paul Q. found that his badly sprained ankle, which occurred before the trip would keep him from skiing, ugh!   Dottie C. was hotel bound still nursing her repaired shoulder.  Dagmar discovered that her fall may have caused a stress fracture.  Dodi strained her leg but not seriously.  Bill T. fell and broke his hip. When the group left Friday, Bill remained in the hospital in Maine, waiting for surgery scheduled for Friday. Everyone wishes Bill speedy recovery.
On the humorous side, it was great that Tony was helping Liam on the chair and too bad that Tony had to be helped up from helping Liam.  Lucky for Tony that Liam could get off by himself.  Then there were “the 3 Stooges”!  First, Dodi skied down stopped mid-way.  Then Sue B. came zipping down, ran over the back of Dodi’s skis and down she went. Then came Jo N. to help Sue get up and down she went.  So Dodi decided she could help Jo up---you guessed it, down she went.  A very nice couple came along and helped all of them up.  No one was hurt but they did get a chuckle out of it.  We all skied on and enjoyed the ski day.  Also, there may be a special award for Bob W. who managed to be so late getting to the bus, to come home, that it was backing out to head home.  He was just coming out of the hotel with his luggage, oops!!
It was a great trip and we thank Bob Pogel, our trip leader, and Sandy Foley, his back-up for making the trip successful and fun!!
***Nancy Oberholzer***

Bob P.
Okemo, Vermont January 11-14, 2015

The first ski trip of RSC’s 2015 ski season had repeat members that go every year and some members on their first trip to Okemo.  It was nice to have some new club members on the trip.  We enjoyed the hospitality of Ruth and Bill—owners of the Combes’ Family Inn, which is part of the ambiance of the trip and this year was no exception.  The group very much missed Trip Leaders, Larry and Joy Seaman—Larry had surgery on his neck and will not be skiing for a while.  Larry and Joy did all of the legwork, purchasing and planning, then Bruce Johnson took over the trip, in their absence, with all the directions and lists.  Our thanks to Bruce for filling in for Larry and Joy. 
Long time Okemo trippers, Knobby and Jeanne E. were greatly missed this year.  Jeanne had open heart surgery, just before the trip.  Sally S., another veteran of Okemo also cancelled out because of  hip problems.
Like many years, the weather was different each day---Monday, being nice, perhaps a little overcast, Tuesday, being bitter cold, and Wednesday---beautiful.  Unfortunately several members had some health issues that turned out not to be serious, but kept them from skiing at least one day.   The remainder of the group hit the slopes with their usual gusto and good nature.
The group from the Okemo Inn and the Combe’s Inn met each evening at the Combe’s Inn for a social hour—drinks and appetizers, and dinner—a good way to get to know new people.  A very good time was had by all.  Many shared great appetizers—Skip Mayo’s “Pickles”, complements of Judi, were just one of them.  After dinner, some played Euchre, some played dominos (chicken foot) and some just chatted or watched a ball game.
As usual—people make the party and a great group was at Okemo—Thanks to all of them, and Ruth and Bill for helping make it
another great trip.
*** Nancy Oberholzer ***

Larry S. & Bruce J.

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