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  2018 Ski Trips


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Loon, Cannon, & Bretton Woods, New Hampshire March 4-9, 2018 Closed. No longer taking trip registrations Janet Levenson


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2018 Trip write-ups

          2018 Trips


 Status / Comments

Sunday River, Vermont January 21-26, 2018

The Sunday River trip started with a slight problem as the second bus had a smaller luggage area than the first, and not enough room for all of the luggage.  Jim Peters to the rescue, volunteering to drive along with  Bruce Johnson taking the additional luggage.  Bryan Deuel also offered his truck.
  We had 105 members on the trip including 19 Super Seniors (over 80).  Special recognition was given to Terry Smith, AKA “energizer bunny” who will be 89 in March, being the eldest lady on the trip and Dave Hanning the eldest male who will be 91 in May.  We also recognized Bryan Deuel as the youngest person on the trip.  Fifty years from now he still will not qualify for Super Seniors Status.
  We experienced unusual weather conditions with sleet on Monday.  Ed Cook and I were on the slope late in the day when he took a bad fall resulting in three broken ribs and a night in the hospital in Norway, Maine.  Jim Peters and I went to the hospital at 10 pm to bring Dottie back to the hotel and then on Tuesday, Jim Peters and Bruce Johnson (shotgun) returned to bring Ed back.  Thanks again Jim!

  Tuesday, we had a layer of ice on top of four inches of new snow with high winds on Wednesday and Thursday.  In spite of the weather everyone made the best of the conditions and had a good time.  Norm Lindenmuth and Herman Greulick, part of our Penn Yan group, enjoyed skiing in the crusty snow just for the experience.
  In closing, I appreciate the fact that everyone was prompt in arriving not only on Sunday morning, but on our departure on Friday.  A special thanks to Diane Boesel for providing over 200 cookies for the breakfast bags, and I want to thank Jim Peters for creating the name tags.
***Bob Pogel*** 

Bob Pogel
Okemo, Vermont January 7-10, 2018 The Okemo, Vermont Ski Trip was a great trip as usual for 34 RSC members!  A great time was had by all. The skiing and weather was superb with average temps in the 30"s.  A few minor injuries, but most skied 2.5 days and some 3.5 days. This was our second year at the Echo Lake Inn which included gourmet dinners and hearty breakfasts in a quaint inn.  The pre dinner parties were hosted by Margie Simpson the trip leader in her condo on the 4th floor where Ski Club members gathered for cocktails, snacks and debriefing the ski day. Join us next year! Margie Simpson

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