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  2015 Ski Trips


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Okemo, Vermont January 11-14, 2015 Full.  Contact Larry if you would like to be added to the waiting list. Larry S.
Sunday River, Maine January 25-30, 2015 Openings; working on 2nd bus Bob P.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming February 7-14, 2015 Closed. Tom W.
Killington, Vermont March 1-6, 2015 Openings Carol W.


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2014 Trip write-ups

          2014 Trips


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Mt. Snow, Vermont March 9-14, 2014

On March 9, 2014 a group of  RSC Members loaded their vehicles and headed to Mt. Snow.  Members of the  group arrived at varying times, checked in, unloaded, unpacked and prepared to join the entire group for a pizza and wings dinner.  After sampling various types of pizza and wings, all returned to the hotel to note where the ski check was located and where the buffet breakfast would be held. 
The next morning after a very satisfying breakfast, it was time to explore the mountain.  Armed with trail maps and lists of the groomed trails, it was time to go exploring.  Each day the first order of business was to check on the number of groomed trails to determine where the best skiing would be. The area only groomed about 25% of the trails each day, so many in the group headed to the groomed slopes or the ones that were less traveled.  Some members returned to the hotel for lunch and then went out to ski or sat in a common area, chatted with friends and watched fellow skiers coming down the hill. 

The group met on two different evenings for a buffet dinner in a private dining room.  There was also a welcome cocktail party hosted by the hotel.  Anne Fassanella, who planned the trip, hosted 2 get-togethers in her room so that the group had many opportunities to laugh a little or in many cases laugh a lot, as members shared the day’s experiences and adventures.

One day of windy and icy conditions found some members enjoying exploring the shopping experience and  bringing laughter to an otherwise gloomy day.  It was just one more example of how the group can turn lemons into lemonade.  Some members even went out to ski at the end of the day as the wind subsided.  Although the trip that was to be a bus trip turned out to be a “drive up,” a great time was had by all!   ***Nancy Oberholzer***

Anne F.
Park City, Utah March 1-8, 2014 The 2014 Western trip to Park City, Utah, was another outstanding RSC getaway attended by 28 club members, both old and new.  Treated to three world class resorts within 20 minutes of each other, the skiing was exceptional, as we enjoyed mostly sunny days at Park City, Deere Valley and The Canyons Resort.  Staying at the centrally located Yarrow Resort and Conference Center, attendees received a welcome reception, pizza and wings party, and a daily breakfast buffet, where we recharged our batteries and talked about the wonderful previous days’ skiing.  Tom Wild, who planned and hosted the trip, did an exemplary job, as evidenced by the week long smiles permanently pasted on members’ faces. Thank you Tom, and RSC, for making Park City another memorable experience, leaving all of us anxiously awaiting our next adventure.   ***Paul Quirin*** Tom W.
Gore Mountain, New York February 11-16, 2014

We had plenty of snow and cold weather, -15º in North Creek, NY the first morning! Everyone put on adequate ski wear and believe it or not, we all stayed warm. Each day it became warmer. The Adirondack scenery in the winter was enjoyed by all when we drove up, and great views from the top of Gore Mountain. The skiing was excellent, especially the last day when it snowed all night giving us over 12” of new snow!
There were 37 club members that attended with 3 days of great skiing, and 28 lodged at the Alpine Lodge and 9 at the Black Mountain Lodge. We enjoyed a gourmet dinner Wednesday evening at the Basil & Wick’s restaurant and a wine and cheese party Thursday evening at the Black Mountain Pub. Only 2 out of the 37 came just for weekend lodging and skiing.
About a dozen members participated in the arranged mountain tour Wednesday morning. Every one was provided with some candy treats and a bandana to tie on each skiers leg to identify the group on the mountain. The champion bandana wearer was Don B., he wore his creatively a different way each day.
Based on comments by several members, the lodging was great, the dinner was excellent and the variety of cheese and choice of wine was very good. Everyone enjoyed the mountain’s 2,537 feet of vertical and most expressed that it was a great trip. ***Ron Strine***

Ron S.
Sunday River, Maine January 26-31, 2014

What a Trip - Sunshine was the order of the day for members of the RSC on the Sunday River Trip.  And with everyone returning home in one piece, there will be no need for anyone’s name to appear in the Sunshine Column of the RSC Newsletter.
Learning of the impending cold weather did not deter the 85 RSC members that arrived on January 26 at the Summit Hotel.  Everyone simply layered up and went out to enjoy the sunshine and great skiing!  Blue skies and sunshine were the order of the day. For each and every day!  Combine that with excellent grooming in most areas, and it was hard to stir up a complaint from anyone.  Of course, at the end of the day, many of the group could be found in the pool or the hot tub.  There were even others who found time to hit the gym where classes were available.
Our arrival at the hotel found the staff “ready, willing, and very able.”  In a relatively short time our bags were loaded on luggage carts and delivered to our rooms.  Soon people were finding their way down to the recently remodeled and newly appointed Camp Bar and Restaurant (used to be Legends).  There, as part of the trip, a buffet was set up where the newly arrived travelers found soup, salad, and sandwiches. The only down side was the staggering price for a glass of “house wine.”
The entire trip went very smoothly—without a glitch.  Joy and Larry Seaman did a great job leading our group—from the lunches at the “99” to the P&H Truck Stop where we could preorder bread, crème puffs, etc. and pick them up on our return trip.  Three of our evening meals were included in the trip—our meal at Rooster’s, The Phoenix House (where a buffet was enjoyed by all).  And of course—our last evening was spent dining at the traditionally elegant Bethel Inn.

As usual there were some room parties and, of course, Joy S. held a traditional Chicken Foot game — in recognition of Nancy Peters, who has hosted it in the past.
It is probably extremely safe to say that a great time was had by all!  Many Thanks to Joy and Larry Seaman who took over for Nancy and Jim Peters.  It also goes without saying—Many Thanks to Jim and Nancy Peters for all the time spent planning and putting the trip together and making up all the breakfasts bags and seeing us off.
***Nancy Oberholzer***

Jim P. & Larry S.
Okemo, Vermont January 12-15, 2014 Approximately 35 members of the Rochester Ski Club attended the trip to Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont on January 13, 14 and 15. Although natural snowfall was non-existent, Okemo does a fantastic job of snowmaking and grooming. Consequently, the conditions were very good, although we did experience some rain on Tuesday. Fortunately, Wednesday turned out to be a bright, sunny day with excellent conditions. The ski club certainly appreciates the hospitality of Ron at the Okemo Inn and Bill and Ruth Combes at the Combes Family Lodge. We also wish to send a sincere thank you to Larry and Joy Seaman. for their efforts in making this another successful ski adventure.
***Bob Pogel***
Larry S.

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